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Otto Piene
Licht-Raum-Installation mit roter Kugel und schwarzem Würfel
Otto Piene, Lichtraum, 2010, Hubertus Schoeller Stiftung, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021, Foto: Günter Thorn

The "Light Room" creates its cosmic light shows through geometric objects and walls with perforated surfaces, behind which are electronically operated motors.
The walk-in space contains a large black cube that appears to balance on one of its edges, two small white cubes, a white cylinder, and a large red sphere. The objects move themselves or are played upon by moving beams of light. With the help of darkness, light and movement, a poetic choreography develops that creates a kind of moving starry sky and lets the visitors temporarily become part of this atmospheric environment. In this way, the "Light Room" invites visitors to pause and dream.