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Raumansicht mit Bildern an der Wand, einem Tisch und Stühlen sowie einem Büchertisch
Blick in das Museumscafé und den Museumsshop mit Jahresgaben, Geschenkpapieren und aktuellen Publikationen, Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Ansicht des Museumsshops
Museumsshop im Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Foto: Peter Hinschläger

We are pleased to welcome you to the Museum Shop of the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum!

You can expect a diverse selection from great new products to the classics. The assortment includes unusual paper items, such as bowls made of elephant dung, wreaths made of woven newsprint by Martina Weise-Küppers, or flower vases made of paper. Also paper art, made from Finnish paper yarn, by Angela Mainz or bowls made from paper by
Julia Magr are among the highlights of the store's assortment.

In addition to paper objects, the store also offers publications, novels and selected children's books, textile goods, jewelry, light objects and decorative items by various artists and designers from the region and around the world. The popular felt flowers and stars by Karin Antonowicz-Franz are of course also in the program.

Vasen und Bienenhotel
Blumenvasen und Bienenhotel

The forest bee hotels from Mila are ideal nesting and overwintering aids for homeless insects and thus provide a good contribution against bee mortality. The products are made from ecological and sustainable raw materials (such as corrugated cardboard) and are manufactured in workshops for people with disabilities.

Glasarbeit mit Leopold-Hoesch-Museum
Glasarbeit mit dem Motiv des Leopold-Hoesch-Museums

Unusual objects and postcards by Design Elena on painted glass: browse through the numerous motifs and find your perfect gift.