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Außenansicht des Papiermuseums Düren mit dem Erweiterungsbau des LHM links und der historischen Stadtmauer rechts
Außenansicht des Papiermuseums Düren mit dem Erweiterungsbau des LHM links und der historischen Stadtmauer rechts, Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Außenansicht des weißen Museums
Papiermuseum Düren, Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Familie in Ausstellung mit Wandtafeln
Dauerausstellung, Bereich Geschichte(n), Foto: Peter Hinschläger
Ausstellung mit Papierskulpturen
Paper Art I (9.9.2018-31.3.2019), Papiermuseum Düren, Foto: Peter Hinschläger

Papiermuseum Düren

(Düren Paper Museum)

The Düren Paper Museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the Leopold Hoesch Museum. Following structural renovation and a redesign of its content, it has been showing the origins and historical developments of paper as a material, its production, use and processing, its regional industrial history and its innovative capacity since 2018. In the "Arts" section, cultural-historical exhibitions on the subject of paper can be seen there.

The use of paper has a long tradition in Düren. Paper has been produced and processed along the Rur River since 1576. On the initiative of the Düren paper industry and private individuals interested in paper, the Förderverein Düren-Jülich Euskirchener Papiergeschichte e.V. was founded in 1984. This association was committed to the establishment of a paper museum. In 1990, with the help of public and private funds, it was opened as the first German museum dedicated to paper. The foundation for a paper museum was laid as early as the early 1930s with the inclusion of paper-historical objects in the universal collection of the LHM, and a paper-history department was set up. Historical papers with watermarks from the 14th to the 19th century and paper products and objects from the last three hundred years, which have been collected since then, today represent central exhibits for the Düren Paper Museum.

In 1985, for example, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Dürener Maschinenfabrik Dörries GmbH, the LHM received the inventory of a paper workshop as a donation intended for the Düren Paper Museum, which was already being planned at that time. Since then, a strategic collecting activity of art objects made of and with paper has also enriched the art collections of the LHM.

Fassadenschrift "Papiermuseum" weiß auf weiß über dem Eingangsbereich
Fassadenschrift Papiermuseum über dem Eingangsbereich, Foto: Peter Hinschläger

Place of inclusion

Not only because of the many facilities for people with visual impairments in Düren, but also because of its self-image as a place of inclusion, the museum focuses on the participation of people with disabilities. The design offers the best possible recognizability through a high-contrast optical layout. A trail for the blind leads through the entire museum. Various stations make it possible to experience the exhibition digitally, haptically and auditorily. The entire museum is barrier-free and has an elevator and a toilet for people with disabilities as well as a changing table.

Blindenspur in der Dauerausstellung
Blindenspur in der Dauerausstellung, hier im Bereich „Visionen", Foto: Peter Hinschläger