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Very Contemporary presents "Performing Landscapes" am Samstag, 2.9.2023, 14-21 Uhr im IKOB Museum, Eupen
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WONDERTOURS: The artist project

In 2021 Very Contemporary invites contemporary artists to highlight the specificities of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Professional artists who have a connection to the region are invited to produce an artwork or event with themes such as border crossing, distance, barriers, language, landscape, cultural/industrial heritage, travel, cycling, history and the future.

During a research phase, the artist*s explore the specifics of the region. During this time, they collaborate with at least two of Very Contemporary's venues. In the fall of 2021, the artist*s will present their final results to the public in the Euregio.

5.9. - 12.12.2021 | Stefan Cools / walk "From landfill to flowery grassland".
30.10. - 12.12.2021 | Stefan Cools / Exhibition at Bureau Europa
30.10.2021 | 11-16 h| Stefan Cools / "Planting day" on a field Op 't Rentelen
6.11.2021 - 9.1.2022 | "What the flag?!" at various Very Contemporary locations (see right)
13.11.2021 | 2 p.m. | Silke Schatz / Exhibition opening "Manheim calling" at Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster (- 27.2.2022)
27.11.2021 | 13h - 18h | Arthur Cordier / Open studio at Greylight Projects
12.12.21 - 13.3.22 | Silke Schatz / Participation in the exhibition "Vom Leben in Industrielandschaften - Den Strukturwandel im Blick" at the Leopold Hoesch Museum
21.5. - 4.9.2022 | Stefan Cools / exhibition "From the life of a butterfly" at Museum De Domijnen

The Network

Museum De DomijnenBureau EuropaSCHUNCKGreylight ProjectsCIAPIKOBLa ChâtaigneraieSPACE CollectionKunsthaus NRW KornelimünsterLeopold-Hoesch-MuseumLudwig Forum AachenNAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

What the flag?!

is a project by Greylight Projects (NL) in which artists design flags that are hoisted on flagpoles at the venues of Very Contemporary network partners. The VC network partners invite artists (from their current exhibitions or as part of their collection) to design a print for the flag. A flag from each VC venue will be flown at another Very Contemporary venue to show the relationship between all venues in the network.